I D A  M A Y


'When I was moving I could feel' (Pina Bausch). 

Ida is a renowned international yoga and fitness instructor, personal trainer and all encompassing movement director. Her purpose as an ethos and image coach  is to mentor individuals as well as companies, and unleash their authentic voice through a unique and creatively fuelled process. 

Born in Finland Ida is now based in Brighton and London. She fell into yoga & fitness through a successful career in dance.  Ida’s sessions are influenced by her vast expertise across contrasting disciplines within the wellness industry.  From HIIT to yoga, boxing to pilates, barre to weights and indoor cycling, Ida’s experience and hunger for new impulses means she will without doubt  find a way to connect you to a way of moving that resonates with you or your company. 

Ida’s diverse background and passion for exploring movement through body, mind and the world has encouraged and inspired her to create new concepts, retreats, consult top end studios and mentor the trainers of tomorrow.

Under the restrictions of COVID-19, Ida knew the importance of connection and compassion through movement, and founded WE MOVE TOGETHER , an online donations based platform which supports the worldwide fitness community from instructors to clients alike (Well to Do Global - June 10, 2020).





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