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i-MAY move.


Ida May is a Finnish dancer, actor, movement director, international yoga and fitness instructor and consultant as well as a personal trainer.

Ida is one of London’s top 5 female fitness instructors. Featured as one of the London Female Creatives on the latest Adidas 'Meet The Creators' campaign and can be  found on the cover of the Evening Standard ‘Fitster trainers in London’. 

Ida is currently focusing on 1 on 1 training, doing collaborations and workshops with studios and artists of all sorts, and can be found teaching group sessions at members only club Soho House as well as Adidas Studios London. She is a master trainer at AMCK FIT and has worked together with Aicha McKenzie on designing these bespoke training methods for creative, entertainment and fashion industries. You can train with Ida pretty much anywhere and any which way you want to! Online with FIIT TV  and if you like travelling, she has little escapes planned for you all around the world!

Ida is an all around trainer and her clients include: Adidas Studios, Soho House, Sadhana, 1 Rebel, BLOK London, Soma, Ethos, 3Tribes, Fierce Grace Hot Yoga, Frame Shoreditch and Good Vibes Studios in London, Tulijooga in Finland and Sala Studios in New Zealand. She is currently an ambassadors for Wanderlust and had the privilege of being an ambassador for Sweaty Betty for the past four years. She also is a co-founder of Nordic Sisters.

 Expect a wide variety of influences in her sessions. Ida loves all that bad ass HIGH INTENSITY training but also knows that at times one needs to STOP, BREATH and CONNECT. Find the attunement of the body, mind, breath and the beat of the music. Ida’s diverse background and passion to keep exploring new things has encouraged and inspired her to create  new concepts and consult studios. Her own training method FIT FLOW, that fuses the best elements of yoga and animal flow that can also be found online with ADIDAS Women here !!

 Ida is always on a go and simply could not do a day without moving.  

'When I was moving I could feel' (Pina Bausch).