/ˈnɔːdɪk ˈsɪstəs/

Nordic roots and Viking like spirit brought these sisters together. The spirit of: fighting for what’s in your heart, to follow your heart and to flow from it. With similar background in the performance and movement world Josie and Ida wanted to create a space and find a place where they could help others to connect and express their own inner Viking – to find the essence of inner power.




27 - 31 05 2021

Manshausen is a world in its own. 55 acres, situated in the middle of the Grøtøya strait, only 500 meters from the small village Nordskot. With its well-protected harbour, Manshausen was in its time an important and busy part of the old trading post Grøtøy, which was established in 1698. Fish is still important, but kayaking, diving, cycling, climbing and summer and winter hiking has now taken over as the most popular activities. Steigen represent a unique destination for such activities, with hundreds of small islands, white sandy beaches, spectacular mountains, and to the north the Loftoten islands act as a protective wall.

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Plug out from the matrix and plug in to yourself. Immerse yourself in the powerful duality of yin and yang yoga practise by the Nordic Sisters Ida & Josie. Ida will be teaching powerful vinyasa flows fused with the elements of animal flow and primal movement to wake you up in the mornings whilst Josephine guides you into the world of healing meditation and breath work with the evening yin practises.

Held in the beauty and rawness of Nature we will allow for an opening and softening to occur. All. By. Itself.

Being in nature. Being with the mountains, the sun, the sea and the birds! Practicing yoga, hiking in the mountains, kayaking or finding yourself plunging into the sea and snorkelling, diving down deep into the waters. There are opportunities there! Chill in the hot tub, enjoy the sauna or simply sitting and gazing from the cabins and simply just BEING!

This retreat ran by Nordic Sisters gives you the opportunity to DISCONNECT (as much or as little as you like) to RECONNECT. In a world that usually dictates us to DO more in order to BE more to FEEL more... To accept ourself fully ...

WE all need a breathing space. 

This is your chance to come together with like minded people in the most beautiful of places; surrounded and held by the mountains and the clear blue se n the sky we willl open up a space to ignite our passions and LOVE of life. Which has always been and will always be our birthright. 


The menu is typically seasonal and will consist mainly of local produce such as seafood, reindeer, lamb or elk (if you are vegetarian / vegan, not to worry we have you sorted!) Manshausen specialties, when season, are bacalao, “lutefisk”, fresh cod and wild sheep from Steigen. Breakfast, lunch and 2-3 course Dinner is included.


Nearest Airport Bodo. To get to Manshausen, take the ferry (1.5h) from Bodø city centre to Nordskot (from the airport to the ferry terminal there is a 15 minutes walk, the ferry terminal is located in the city centre, next to Hotel Havet.) We will send you recommended flights and arrange your pick up by boat from Nordskot to be transported the short distance to Manshausen. To buy ferry tickets and check the schedule here. You can also rent a car and drive to Nordskot (3.5h drive from Bodo Airport).


25% non-refundable deposit required to guarantee a place on the retreat. The full balance is due no less than 8 weeks prior the retreat. You may also pay in full at the time if you prefer. Booking made less than 8 weeks prior to the event must be paid in full. Email to book.


Three of the seacabins are placed along the old stone jetty, two more on the rocky Northern side of the Island, and the last two units situated above the others on natural ledges in the terrain, with beautiful views overlooking the sea and mountains.
Through the large glass windows you can enjoy the elements from the bed or comfortable chairs. Each hut has two separate bedrooms: The master bedroom has a 160 cm double bed, and the guest room is a 140 cm bed and another “trundle” single bed (90 cm x 2.00) underneath. All huts have a specially designed bathroom and kitchen in corian. Architect Snorre Stinessen is the designer of the huts.


  • £2795


  • £1995


  • £1795


  • 4 night accommodation

  • breakfast, lunch & dinner

  • 8 x 90 min yoga classes guided by Ida & Josie


  • Airfare + Transportation to and from the Airport

  • Travel Insurance

  • Holistic Treatments: Aromatherapy Facials & Acu Pressure, Life Coaching, Shamanic Healing

  • 1 on 1 Training: Bespoke Training Sessions Tailored to You (yoga, pilates, barre, HIIT)

  • Extra Activities


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