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16 JANUARY 2019



A special guest double shot from Ida May. The master yogi and Adidas trainer, dancer, actor and model who is killing it on the London wellness scene.

‘When making my fitness social I like to keep it local. I’ve been in East London for the past 10 years or so and when it comes to working & eating out with friends location for me is key…’


14 August 2017

Style Street Stalker: Ida May, Movement Director, Dancer, and Yogi by Alice

I first came across Ida May about 2 years ago in a boxing class she was teaching in East London, her energy bounced off every punch bag and wall in the place, a year later on I went to one of her yoga classes at Ethos in Shoreditch, another fabulous class!! Then she came into my life again more recently when...



August 2018


The practice of yoga, in all its traditional forms, is in many ways the grand dame of Eastern practices adopted by the West, in that it has maintained a certain status and reputation in a marketplace that is well-known for reducing century-old rituals into fleeting summer trends...

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 13.07.41.png

June 2018

yoga magazine, p.70: NATURAl retreats by jane egginton

Living Sanctuary. The 17 hectare , 17th century estate of Chia Retreats surrounded by ancient rolling Portuguese hills is an embracing place..

Sweaty Betty Hero II


March 7, 2019


To celebrate International Women’s Day, here’s some boss advice from our favourite female fitness icons, from hula-hoop masters to weight-lifters and spin instructors, who continue to inspire us every day. Who runs the world again? Oh yeah…


27 JuLY 2016

Madame figaro: On Sculpte, On Galbe: Enfin de Belles Fesses! by valentine petry

De Jennifer Lopez à Kim Kardashian, la tendance est aux fessiers triomphants. Nous, on profite de l’été pour se sculpter une face B, ronde et bien galbée . . .

27 JULY 2016

AMUSE / id / Vice: The Gender Neutral Way to Work Out By Jamie MIllar

Walk into your average sweatbox and it’s a safe bet that you’ll see guys grunting in the free weights area whilst girls hog the cardio machines. It’s partly because they have diverging goals, but it’s also socialisation. Hence the advent of pink kettlebells and “broga”: we’re so conditioned to what athletic pursuits are considered suitable for our respective sexes that we rarely think to question them . . .

27 July 2016

1REBEL: Rebel Uncovered BY 1REBEL

How well do you know the 1R dream team? We’re putting you to the test.
Known for her effortless style of sports lux with a shoreditch edge, this week's Rebel Uncovered is professional dancer, actress, yoga and fitness fanatic, IDA MAY . . .

25 march 2016

l'express styles: Yoga: La méditation En Action By marianne renoir

. . . De fait, les profs et les cours ont changé: il suffit de suivre une séance avec la Britannique Ida May, sa coupe garçonne platine, ses brassières fluo et son corps ultra-sculpté pour s'en convaincre. Elle enseigne la discipline qu'elle a créée, le fit flow, à la Shoreditch House à Londres et à la très chic Soho Farmhouse. La jeune femme de 32 ans est aussi à la tête d'une maison de production de vidéos, cumule les activités de mannequin et d'actrice et enseigne la boxe, le Pilates, le fitness et le spinning. Un ensemble d'activités qui se combinent très bien, selon elle . . .

16 march 2016

Top 8 Wellness Retreats by sweaty betty

The beautiful shores of Lake Como play host to this retreat hosted by Shoreditch ambassador Ida May and food blogger Taimar Birthistle-Cooke. Known for her tough workouts, personal trainer Ida will take you through a mixture of high-intensity training and yoga designed for results. Post-workout, unwind with breathtaking views and a healthy plant-based menu created by Taimar . . .


26 february 2016

Sohum london: Ida May – Dancer – London by Becky

Introducing Ida May. I met Ida when we were teaching yoga at the same studio in Brick Lane a few years ago. She's one of those people you constantly see whizzing past you on her bike in Hackney, popping up on a billboard, or appearing in a music video. She's the ultimate so hum babe. We caught up with her to find out a little bit more . . .


26 FEBRUARY 2016


February was once again a chock-a-block month for the team at Hoxtown, with over 20 events held at our fab hotels in Shoreditch and Holborn . . .

Ida Yoga B&W.jpg

22 JULY 2015


Welcome to the life of Ida May, 1 Rebel trainer, freelance dancer, choreographer, model, actress, fitness and yoga instructor. Phew. With so much going on, Sunday could be her Tuesday and Monday could be her Friday. We catch up with Ida on morning routines, how she keeps fit and weekend indulgences . . .


25 MAY 2015


"Oh my god it’s Monday!! Yes that feeling, ummm NO?! What Monday feeling? As a freelance dancer, choreographer, model, actress, fitness and yoga instructor Ida don’t know what we are talking about. Monday sometimes happens to be her Sunday. She might be shooting the next music video for this French jazz singer called Thomas Dutronc, dancing her socks off, wearing flowers in her head, dressed in white dress at the craziest wedding party of her life . . .


25 may 2015

ginger orange: Hero of the Month by victoria

Today I met Ida May: London-based fitness guru, yogi, dancer, model (and Ginger Orange fitspo)! Over a plate of french toast from the gorgeous East London café CREAM, we chatted about fitness, fashion, the City and talented Ida’s journey so far . . .


5 may 2015

the clothes maiden: Be:Fit Festival London Review by sophie dyer

The Barre by FRAME workout, led by Ida May in the Reebok Fitness studio was our favourite part of Be:FIT London. It was a ballet fitness fusion workout that was short, intense and left our legs shaking after. It’s essential that in any fitness class you have a good, motivating instructor to lead you on and Ida May was just that. Full of energy and enthusiasm, she made the time fly . . .


24 april 2015

instyle magazine: 6 Stretches By an Expert Every Runner Needs To Do by claire clifton

According to Frame Shoreditch's Ida May if you want totake your fitness to next level and make your body more efficient you need to stretch. "The same goes for gaining strength and endurance plus finding new ranges of motion and increasing flexibility," she says. "Post-run stretching will also help your body to recover more quickly and reduce muscle tension and soreness. And it can even decrease your risk of injuries." . . .

25 february 2015

evening standard: Fit? Hip? Both? Meet London’s New FITTERS by farrah storr

Stand under the railway arches where Shoreditch High Street trickles into Kingsland Road and the chaos of Old Street fades into the grey estates of Hackney Road and you will see them — tight, toned, fashionable things with yoga mats slung insouciantly over shoulders. They come from all directions . . .

24 february 2015

fourfits: CC FightClub X LFW by stefy

Throngs of fitness loving fashionistas outside and around ME London Hotel waiting in eager anticipation of Charli Cohen's first ever catwalk show - and what a show it was! CC Fight Club packed out the ME London Basement and how excited we all were that fitness was making the stamp it deserves on LFW. . . .


4 february 2015

well to do london:  How 5 of London’s top female Fitness Instructors start the day by lauren armes

Ever wondered what gets Anya from Barry’s amped up in the morning? Or how Chiara from Psycle inspires you first-thing to push that bit harder? We caught up with 5 of London’s full throttle female fitness instructors to find out how they kickstart the day, what they eat and how they recover from a morning workout . . .


fourfitss.jpg february 2015

FORFEITS: 4 Fits got Fit & Fresh by divine

Fresh and Fit Fest was a great chance to try out a few cool classes as we were lucky enough to be able to attend a Frame Signature Mash up class by the wonderful Ida May, you may recognise her as one of the badass instructors at the newly open 1Rebel (read our experience here) and we were definitely stretched and powered on with a fusion of dance, yoga and Pilates . . .


16 august 2015

ida may: Dance, yogi and rebel your way into fitness by sport stylist

Ida is a professional dancer, actress, choreographer, yoga and fitness instructor and Sweaty Betty ambassador who admits she simply could not last a day without moving. It all started as a child growing up in Finland, running around in forests, crosscountry skiing to school and back, attending the Liisa Nojonen Dance School every day after her lessons and climbing the trees with her brothers...