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Shamanic Escape by Nordic Sisters / PORTUGAL

  • Chia Retreats Porto Portugal (map)

/ˈnɔːdɪk ˈsɪstəs/


Nordic roots and Viking like spirit brought these sisters together. The spirit of: fighting for what’s in your heart, to follow your heart and to flow from it. With similar background in the performance and movement world Josie and Ida wanted to create a space and find a place where they could help others to connect and express their own inner Viking – to find the essence of inner power.


Josie and Ida’s hunger of exploring new spaces and places, feeling free, living with LOVE and a constant need to PLAY and escape, means that these sisters are always on a look out for special places that match their vibes. They have a mutual impulse for all things CREATIVE, CURIOUS and UNKNOWN.

Josie and Ida believe that it is through exploration and experience of culture, environment, dance, acting, singing, movement and all that, that we can feel ourselves, become ourselves. Through this journey we start to observe and later surpass old habits, restricting thought patterns that no longer serves us.

Josie and Ida’s goal is to guide you into a space where you can FREE your mind and RELEASE your innate power. The POWER that’s your birthright.


With these two powerhouses together you have Ida’s fire and passion for all things physical and Josie’s gentle nurturing energy for all things spiritual and emotional.

We here present NORDIC SISTERS.

Come claim Your space.


chia lake 2.jpg


SHAMANIC ESCAPE / Portugal 14-18 June 2018  

Surround yourself by 16 acres of nature, immerse in the powerful duality of yin and yang yoga practise, hike in the mountains, surf on the sea and just chill by the pool!

We’ll be hidden an hour away from the city of Porto in a magical location surrounded by the mountains by the beautiful lake, staying in a private manor house that takes us back all the way to the 17th century still bringing you all the comforts of modern life including indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as the tennis court!

Ida will be teaching powerful vinyasa flows fused with the elements of animal flow and primal movement to wake you up in the mornings whilst Josephine guides you into the world of healing meditation and breath work with the evening yin practises. 

Our in house chef will be providing predominantly plant based food (however there may be occasional side dishes of local meat and fish). Local, seasonal, and fresh food to nourish the body inside to out. As the house is located in the oldest village of Portugal known for its exclusive production of Vinho Verde wine, it's safe to say there will be the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine with meals.

There's no shortage of things to do during your time off: surf at the sea, book in for personal training or shamanic healing, play tennis, enjoy a aromatherapy facials or just jump in the lake or go trekking in the woods! 

What’s Included?

  • 4 night accommodation

  • 4 x light pre yoga snacks, 3 x brunches & 4 x dinners

  • 7 x 90 min yoga classes

  • Mountain Hike + Meditation

  • Transportation from and to the airport

What’s not?

  • Airfare

  • Travel Insurance

  • Holistic Treatments: Aromatherapy Facials & Acu Pressure, Life Coaching, Shamanic Healing

  • 1 on 1 Training: Bespoke Training Sessions Tailored to You (yoga, pilates, barre, HIIT)

  • Excursions (pre bookings required, subject to change) : Surf, Food & Wine Tasting, Guided Trek to National Park & Lagoo



  • 850e (shared twin)

  • 1095e (single occupancy)


  • 900e (shared twin)

  • 1150e (single occupancy)

3 Stone Cottages:

  • 975e (shared double bed)

  • 1250e (single occupancy)

  • 795e (shared triple/quadruple room)

Check CHIA RETREAT website for bookings & more info & pictures.  



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